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ASK Lupus represents three sisters fighting for a cure who have been diagnosed or is in the process of being diagnosed with Lupus which affects each of them in a different way.  Because Lupus is unpredictable with symptoms coming and going, mimicking other illnesses and sometimes threatening major organs; the unpredictability brings a host of emotional, psychological, psychosocial and lifestyle issues. Through this non-profit organization and sharing their personal stories these courageous young ladies and their mother are dedicated to providing supportive services, creating Lupus awareness, and raising funds to support lupus research in hopes of finding a cure.



The 'A' in ASK Lupus

Sakeena Trice

The 'S' in ASK Lupus

Kareema Trice

The 'K' in ASK Lupus

Aniysha Trice, is the A in ASK Lupus. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Services which she earned from Lincoln University in 2012. Aniysha was diagnosed with Lupus nephritis in 2010 which affects her kidney & immune system. After Aniysha’s diagnosis, she experienced many complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, seizures as well as a form of brain cancer (lymphoma). Aniysha was determined not to let these complications from Lupus get in the way of her career goals and has successfully defeated them all. While in and out of the hospital she completed her Master’s program and earned her degree. Aniysha was later diagnosed with chronic end stage kidney failure and was placed on dialysis three days a week while working a full time job as a counselor. As a result of her medical complications, Aniysha was told that she did not qualify for transplant. However, she was able to focus on her health & worked diligently in 2020 with the transplant team at John Hopkins Hospital. She became active on the transplant list as of 6/28/2021. Gratefully, she received her kidney transplant on 7/11/2021 and is now expecting to live a fulfilling life with her new start. As Aniysha plans to return to counseling and launching her life coaching business. 


Sakeena Trice, is the S in ASK Lupus.  Sakeena was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (S.L.E.) in 2010. While attending undergrad at Morgan State University, her symptoms became more severe and was diagnosed. Sakeena suffers from lung complications, skin and joint inflammation, seizures and was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Discoid Lupus. However, there is no indication that Lupus (or anything else!) will prevent her from reaching her goals. It is her personal mission to spread lupus awareness and fight against social injustice. Sakeena is now practicing law as an attorney in New York City and New Jersey. 

Kareema Trice , is the K in ASK Lupus is 29 years of age, working as a drug and alcohol counselor. Kareema has been experiencing lupus symptoms since 2010. Her first indicator was a rash that spread all over her body which caused a host of emotional and physical turmoil.  Kareema battles with severe joint pain and swelling in her hands, feet and legs which have scarred her indefinitely.  In 2016 Kareema was diagnosed with a tumor on her left toe and had to forgo a surgical procedure.  In 2020 Kareema had to undergo another surgical procedure where her womanly organs were affected due to possible lupus complications and caused fibroids to grow faster and larger. While lupus remains a difficult disease to detect Kareema is consistent with consulting a rheumatologist on a regular basis in hopes that she is placed on the right medication regimen to subside her symptoms.  Through all of this, Kareema remains focused on furthering her goals and looks forward to sharing her experiences with others that have been affected in hopes to inspire individuals to persevere through the trials and tribulations that may seem impossible to overcome.


Veronica Phillips , was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2002 then diagnosed with Discoid Lupus 2019.  She is the mother of Aniysha, Sakeena and Kareema. Veronica has close to 20 years of experience working in a non-profit organization as a Director of Workforce Development Programs.  Having worked in the non-profit sector in various positions Veronica has developed challenging, enriching, and innovative program training modules and curricula focused on the needs of individuals within the community.  Her expertise in the field of leadership plays a huge role in her daughter's success in spite of the adversities they face in battling lupus. 

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