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ASK Lupus' mission is to create Lupus awareness in the local communities of Philadelphia, raise funds for Lupus research while providing vital programs through supportive services for individuals with Lupus and their families.

ASK Lupus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to lupus advocacy, supporting those that have been diagnosed or are in the process of a diagnosis with lupus within the community. ASK Lupus will offer support, services, and hope to anyone who has been affected by Lupus in anyway.  ASK Lupus has four main focuses which help achieve success: 1. Increase public awareness and educate on the effects of Lupus and the damage it can inflict. 2. Make sure new information is readily available to those who suffer from Lupus. 3. Raise and allocate funds for Lupus to clinical research nationally. 4. Provide unwavering support by breaking down barriers by effectively creating programs for lupus patients and their families.

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